Meet our Trainers

We are a team of experienced bumiputera professionals in our respective fields of profession and are aspired to share, develop and improve knowledge and skills of the local community; in achieving greater heights of aspiration and satisfaction in their own selected profession.

Shawn N Lawrence.jpg

Principal – OSH Management System

“Our job is to solve problems and issues, without them we are jobless”

– Shawn N Lawrence –


Kyle M Daniel

Trainer – Workplace Safety & Psychology

“never give up on your own dream

 -Kyle M Daniel-


Yuhana Ubong Lah

Trainer – Environmental Management

“Life is 10% what happens to us, and 90% how we react to it”

-Yuhana Ubong Lah-


Photo from Markyler_DK (1)

Trainer – Occupational Health & Risk Management

“Responsibilities to ensure safety & health at the workplace lies with those who create the risk of those work with the risk”

 -Desiree D James-



Trainer – Human Capital Development

“Set your aims high and never rest till you get there”

 -Anne Iona Peter-


Richrd M Daniel

Trainer – Management and Office Administration

“when a difficult situation arises, do not fret cause there is always a solution”

 – Richard M Kading-